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It is very important to Ms. Scramstad and Ms. Van Brusselen that their family law clients maintain a healthy and positive outlook for their future.  Some people going through a divorce (also known as dissolution of marriage) or separation want to continue hurting one another–meaning multiple court filings and hearings, along with uncooperative behavior and the taking of unreasonable positions.

The attorneys of Scramstad Law, P.C. are dedicated to helping their clients “move on,” and step out of the chaos that can surround a family breaking up.

It usually (but not always) takes two people to keep the “fight” going.  Ms. Scramstad and Ms. Van Brusselen will help you strategize ways to keep the conflict at a minimum and strive for the least painful path through divorce and separation.  This means managing realistic expectations and working with the clients in the most economical way possible to divide their assets, arrange sensible custody and visitation plans, and set support orders.

Together we can help you turn a potentially devastating experience into a permanent change for the better, helping you to create a new vision for your family.