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Barbara was generous and fair with her time

Barbara represented me in a prolonged and difficult high conflict custody matter. Comparing Barbara with other top attorneys in my legal journey, I found her to not only be extremely effective but caring. I felt confident that she understood and represented my position before proceeding with communication and action. She acknowledged and addressed my concerns and gave solid legal advice. She was patient, wise, and strategic without being manipulative.

Ultimately, she was able to negotiate the most manageable compromise for both parties, even with difficult personalities. Her heart for kids and advocacy was evident. She was generous and fair with her time; she went the extra mile to ensure there were no loose ends in my case. I observed her giving each of her clients the same attention when I visited her office.

I am thankful to Barbara for her character, ethics and experience.

Julie M.
San Ramon, CA

Impressed the with their ethics, knowledge, and experience.

Both Barbara and Rebecca worked diligently to resolve my divorce efficiently, skillfully, and compassionately for my family. The staff always addressed issues promptly and skillfully. 

I was particularly impressed the with their ethics, knowledge, and experience of family law.  Divorce is a difficult, emotional, and often sad situation in most people's lives. Rebecca was outstanding with keeping me focused on moving forward in the process and avoiding allowing me to get side tracked. On my monthly statements, I would often notice they would undercharge or even not charge for services that were certainly due. 

I don't recommend divorce for anyone!  However, if you find yourself in that tragic situation, I highly recommend the Team at Scramstad Law to guide you and ultimately your family through this difficult time.

Ken S.
Benicia, CA

No doubts about calling Barbara

Needing assistance again and have no doubts about calling Barbara up again. Wish I would have found her before my divorce was finalized.

Maria H.
Martinez, CA

Barbara is calm, cool and knows her craft.

Mrs. Barbara Scramstad gets my vote!  A family law pro! (in particular and specific to my situation, grandparent visitation rights), she is thorough, kept my needs in mind at all times, patient, open to input, kept things moving, very direct when it was needed.  I love it when someone takes ownership, as I do, when helping others.

She's excellent!  ~ No more need be said.  You're on the right path, good luck!

Rick Strand
Livermore, CA

Barbara deserves the highest praise.

I am exploding with gratitude and respect for Barbara. Her knowledge, experience, and sound legal advice have won a hopeful future for me and my child.

Barbara's skill, patience, and understanding are also among her many noteworthy attributes.

Lafayette, CA

I can’t thank her enough

Barbara was absolutely incredible during this difficult time in my life. She made the process so much easier, that looking back I don’t know how I would have done it without her.

Berkeley, CA

I trust Barbara

Barbara has helped me and my family more than one could imagine. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone dealing with family law. I trust Barbara to take care of anyone's situation.

She knows her way around the court room and court regulations. No corners cut, Barbara is the woman to go to.

San Ramon, CA

Hard-Working Attorney

Barbara Scramstad is the most honest, hard-working attorney I have ever dealt with. She is client-centered- focuses on you, the children at hand and what is legal and right, and the best choice for the client.

Concord, CA

Barbara is top rate!

She takes on cases with heart and the women she represents realize they are in good hands with someone who not only cares, but has the knowledge and experience to back it all up. Trust is a huge factor for Barbara, and you can count on her.

Pamela S.
Martinez, CA